South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs

SCSAFC Mission Statement

 “To provide volunteer and career fire service managers, both public and private, throughout the State of South Carolina, with information, education, services and representation to advance their professionalism and capabilities”.

Welcome the S.C. State Association of Fire Chiefs website!!


On behalf of the South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs Board of Directors, thank you for visiting our website. 

If you are visiting our website as a member, I want to personally thank you for supporting the SCSAFC.  Our organization is only as strong as the individuals that comprise our membership. Your hard work and dedication to advancing the fire service both locally and state-wide is the lynchpin of our organization’s and the South Carolina Fire Service’s success.  I believe South Carolina’s fire service has some of the best departments; firefighters and chief officers in the nation, and that is a direct result of your individual commitment and contribution!!! I am humbly and graciously proud to represent the SCSAFC membership and will strive to exceed all of your expectations.

If you are visiting our website as a guest/non-member, I want to personally encourage you and your staff to become members!  The information provided on our website, and to our members is not only beneficial to you, but to your organization as well!  From quarterly officer training, specialized chief officer training to Leadership South Carolina, the SCSAFC provides a broad array of educational opportunities that will allow both you and your department to perform at its best! 

As President of our Association, I am excited to inform you that your Board of Directors will be working hard over this next year to ensure we are offering our membership numerous educational opportunities, engaging in legislative issues, executing our strategic plan and advancing many other opportunities.  We will capitalize on every opportunity to come together as a group, to sharpen our skills and ensure we are prepared for the ever-changing fire services environment.  We will also be working through our website, social media, and email to provide beneficial information to our membership.  

My goal as the 2019-20 SCSAFC President is to challenge our Board of Directors as well as the committees within our organization, to be engaged in our State’s fire service, our Association as well as work tirelessly to support the mission and the vision of the South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs.  In conjunction with the association’s mission, we have a vision – a vision to see a growth in our membership and in our professional capabilities as well as being the conduit through which our State’s fire service leadership can network and access premier educational and professional support.  I have given our Board of Directors and our committees a challenge to work hard to support our mission and vision.  I also have a two-part challenge for our membership.  I challenge you to take advantage of all the opportunities that this association offers, step up and be a part of it.  The second part is don’t do it alone, bring the next generation of South Carolina’s fire service leadership with you.  From the ranks of captain through chief, you can belong to our organization.  So, when you attend a SCSAFC event, bring someone with you.  Invite your neighboring chiefs and chief officers to come with you because they are facing the same issues within the fire service that we all are facing.  Bring your department’s staff with you to get them engaged.  If we stand alone, we are only as strong as one member, but if we stand together, we have the strength of an army; strong and  joined in a unified mission and vision of improving South Carolina’s fire services for ourselves, our departments, the future and the communities we so valiantly serve!    

I am excited about the coming year ahead and plan to work hard to continue what our previous leadership has started.  Today’s fire services face an ever-changing and dynamic environment in many aspects that we have never seen before!  From a surge in population and building growth; potential changes in legislation regarding the building code adoption cycle, to challenges with building codes that don’t necessarily work to preserve the fire services safety and well-being; to a continuously changing political climate; increase in cancer related illnesses; to continually expanding the physical and emotional health of our personnel; to diversifying our workforce to simply retain firefighters, the best answer to the challenges we face will only come if we face them together.  As we work to grow our member base and find more external partners, the SCSAFC will continue to grow stronger and expand our foundation to ensure we are always prepared to handle the multitude of complexities that face today’s fire services and chief officers.

It is an honor and a privilege to lead this organization and I ask that you contact me if I or the SCSAFC can be of any assistance to you.  You may contact me at 843-742-6920 or email at

Douglas Cline, President