SCSAFC Mission Statement

 “To provide volunteer and career fire service managers, both public and private, throughout the State of South Carolina, with information, education, services and representation to advance their professionalism and capabilities”.

The History of Our Association

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Welcome the S.C. State Association of Fire Chiefs website!!









On behalf of the South Carolina State Association of Fire Chief’s, thank you for visiting our website. We hope the information you find here will be beneficial to you and your organization. As President of our Association, I am excited to tell you that your executive board will be working hard over this next year to ensure we are offering our membership several educational opportunities. Opportunities to come together as a group and sharpen our skills; as we must be prepared to change with our ever-changing fire service. We will also be working through our website, social media, email, and mail-outs to provide beneficial information to our membership as well.

My goal as President of this association is to challenge our executive board as well as the committees within our organization, to work hard to support the mission of the South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs. In conjunction with the association mission, we have a vision. A vision to see our association grow in number and in our professional capabilities.  This is not a new change, but maybe a new surge of ideas to promote our association. I have given our executive board and our committees a challenge to work hard to support our mission. I also have a two-part challenge for our membership. I challenge you to take advantage of all the opportunities that this association offers, step up and be a part of it.

The second part is don’t do it alone. From the ranks of captain through chief, you can belong to our organization.  So, when you come, bring someone with you. Invite your neighboring chiefs and or chief officers to come with you because they are facing the same issues within the fire service that we all are facing.

Chris Smith, President