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2020 Battalion Academy at Fire Leadership SC


76th Annual Conference September 24th -26th







Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs (SEAFC) Members:

As you are all aware of by now, our joint annual leadership conference with the Georgia Fire Chiefs was unable to take place this year in Atlanta, GA due to “Stay at Home” orders issued to combat the spread of the Corona Virus. This is an unprecedented event and after reviewing years of documents, we are unable to find any recent cancellations of our required annual conference.

This year’s Strategic Conference Committee has been working hard for over a year to bring to you what we believe would have been a fantastic leadership opportunity for all in attendance.

Although we are all disappointed, we know that the members of our Association are on the frontlines providing vital services in their communities to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible during these difficult times. So, before we begin working on our June 2021 joint conference with the Mississippi Fire Chiefs in Biloxi, MS; we must first close out our requirements for 2020.

In accordance with our SEAFC Constitution and By-Laws (CBL), we are required to conduct an annual business meeting with our members. The CBL states, “A. There shall be an annual conference of the Association at a location approved by the Board of Directors. B. In the event that the conference is not held, all actions described herein that are carried out at the conference shall be carried out at a special meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors, announced to all members and open to attendance by all members, as soon as possible after the originally scheduled conference.” (SEAFC CBL; Article 5; Section 1 – Annual Conference; pgs. 19-20). In order to achieve the requirements in all SEAFC official papers, the Board of Directors is scheduling a special meeting on June 2, 2020 at 1400 EST;1300 CST. If you would like to attend, please email our Division Secretary at The Secretary will send you an email verifying your membership and providing a contact number that will connect you with the teleconference. Please email the Division Secretary (Chief Larry Williams) prior to close of business on May 29, 2020. This will assist us in providing any assistance necessary for members participating in the conference call.

During the meeting the Board of Directors will hold an annual business meeting and elect officers for the 2020-2021 year. In addition, our annual awards, special recognitions, and other traditional programs will be held at future conferences where a large number of members are in attendance.

Again, thank you for being a part of our great profession, as well as the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Southeastern Division.

Chief Doug Eggiman,

President - SEAFC

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