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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs website.  The mission of our association is to provide volunteer and career fire service managers, both public and private, throughout the State of South Carolina, with information, education, services and representation to advance their professionalism and capabilities.  It is my goal as President of this great association to bring quality training and education to our members.  The Executive Committee, and our committees will be working hard over the next year to ensure that we provide opportunities for our members to grow professional through strong educational opportunities and networking experiences.  As fire service leaders if we are not training and preparing to lead our departments, we are not doing the men and women of our department, and the citizens of our communities’ justice.  I want the South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs to be known as an association that provides benefits to its members that far exceed their expectations. 

If there is anything that we can do for you as an association, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time.  Thank you for taking the time to visiting our website.

Stay Safe!

Justin L. McLellan, President





Take Free Online Training from the Federal Highway Administration

As life returns to normal—including traffic, whether we like it or not—traffic crashes will also increase on our nation’s roadways. Along with this, expect to see an increase in struck-by fatalities of roadway responders.

The Federal Highway Administration is encouraging first responders to use this time to take free online training in traffic incident management. While hundreds of thousands of responders have been trained in recent years, there are still too many preventable deaths every year for the professionals who show up to help those in need. In 2020 alone, there were 46 stuck-by deaths.

The National TIM Responder Training’s self-paced, 4-hour class covers all the essentials, including notification and scene size-up, safe vehicle positioning, scene safety, command responsibilities, traffic management, special circumstances, and clearance and termination.

In 2020, less than 60,000 first responders took a class in traffic incident management. You can help by visiting:



Lexipol - Improved Health & Resilience for Fire & EMS


The Emerging Science of Improved Health & Resilience for Fire & EMS
Thursday, Dec. 2, 1 pm Eastern

The work of emergency medicine and firefighting exacts its toll on the human bodies that do it. Yes, there are the common strains and pains that come with this often-physical work. But there are other lesser-known factors that insidiously reduce wellbeing in firefighters and EMS providers. In many cases these factors lead to premature death. In this webinar, EMS leader and UCSF professor Mike Taigman will share his decades of experience and research into human wellness and longevity, providing attendees with concrete, science-based steps to improve your health and lengthen your life.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • What causes aging and disease at the molecular level 
  • The costs--and benefits--of different sorts of stress
  • How to incorporate simple, life-enhancing practices into your life, on and off the job​​​​​​
  • Key measurements of health and longevity

Presented by Mike Taigman, FirstWatch Improvement Guide, professor and resilience trainer

Register Today!
Registration is free. Can't make it? Register anyway and we'll send you a recording after the event.
Questions? Contact us.

Lexipol | 2611 Internet Blvd., Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034 | 844-312-9500






Fire Rescue GPO

FireRescue GPO has a new cooperative procurement partnership with Sourcewell, one of the largest cooperative purchasing organizations in North America.


Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) is a government organization providing cooperative purchasing solutions across the United States and Canada to over 50,000 public-agency members. 


With over 400 competitively awarded vendors, members have access to contracts for fire apparatus, ambulances, fleet vehicles and products, facilities (MRO), furniture, office supplies, leasing services, and more.


To use Sourcewell contracts, you must register for Sourcewell. Membership is free with no obligation to purchase.


Learn more about the new partnership.

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