Fire Department Spotlight: Goose Creek Rural Fire Department

Department Name 

Goose Creek Rural Fire Department

Department County 


Year Established


Department Type 



Demographics and Population Served 


What type of services are offered by the department? 

Fire Response

First-Responder Response


Fire Chief 

Robert H. Maibach

Number of Officers 


Number of Firefighters 


Number of Stations 


Average Annual Call Volume 


Is there anything unique about the department?

We are an independent contractor serving the residents of unincorporated Goose Creek and Berkeley County.

SC FIRE SERVICE Leadership Spotlight: Dean Anderson (Lexington County Fire Service)


Deputy Fire Chief

Fire Department

Lexington County Fire Service



Department Type


Fire Service Experience

I have been in the fire service for 36 years, my fire service career started in Collier County Florida as a volunteer. I was hired by the Golden Gate Fire Rescue District in 1986 as a firefighter and worked my way to the rank of Battalion Chief before my retirement in 2013 after 29 years of service. I was hired by the Lexington County Fire Service in 2013 as the Asst. Chief of Administrative Services today I am the Deputy Chief of Operations with Lexington County.

What originally drew you to the fire service?

My father started out as a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey, after moving to the town of Golden Gate he was one of the original members of the Golden Gate Fire Department as was very instrumental in my becoming a firefighter, service to my community and the feeling of being able to run in when everyone else is running out has never left me.

What drives you to continue in the fire/emergency services?

The challenges that face the fire service today, becoming a safer fire service while continuing to do the job. Working with people from all over the country on ways to do this job better.

As you progressed through the ranks, what hurdles/challenges have you faced?

Keeping up with the changing of times, and the challenges of working with the generations that have come after me into the fire service. Dealing with the fast pace of the growth in the areas I have worked while working within set budgets that have often times been way below the growth.

If you could give any advice to young/new officers, what would you tell them?

Work really hard to mentor and coach your people, teaching them to be able to take your job someday. Keep learning and get out of your comfort zone. Always take the hard right over the easy wrong.

What are some personal highlights of your career?

My beautiful wife and two children, the day my son became a firefighter and seeing him deployed to California to help with some of the significant wildfires they have been experiencing, watching my daughter play the game of softball and how fast she has progressed in the sport. The 30 plus year career that I enjoyed in the growing department in Florida and especially having the opportunity to grow and work for the Lexington County Fire Service, while getting to oversee the design and build of our new training center.

Are there any department spotlights you would like to share? 

Lexington County is one of the fastest growing areas in South Carolina as such we have had to find ways to keep up with the growth, The Employees of Lexington County Fire Service are some of the best people I have work for and with, the sacrifices that they all make to keep our trucks staffed is incredible. The employees always go out of their way for the citizens and it shows in the support that we receive from the public and the Lexington County Council.