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Congressional Fire Institute AFG/SAFER Reauthorization

The ISFSI Board of Directors encourages all ISFSI members to exercise their right to vote.  

On August 2nd the Senate approved by unanimous consent S. 829, the AFG and SAFER Program Reauthorization Act.  The bill reauthorizes the Assistance to Firefighters, Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response, and Fire Prevention and Safety grant programs through Fiscal Year 2023.  The bill also makes several necessary technical changes to the programs and eliminates the impending sunset clause.

CFSI, and many of the organizations that comprise the NAC, have been urging the leadership of the House to bring S. 829 to the floor.  Last week, 153 members of the House sent a letter to Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Minority Leader Pelosi asking them to bring the bill to the floor.

If Congress does not reauthorize AFG, SAFER and FP&S before January 2, 2018, the programs will be eliminated. 

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