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South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs

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Welcome the S.C. State Association of Fire Chiefs website!!

We continue to strive to improve our site for members, prospective members and the fire service as a whole in South Carolina. The importance of up to date communication is critical in our business and we all benefit when we get clear and timely information out to our membership. Toward that goal, we welcome your thoughts and comments as to how we can improve the site for you.                            

I am pleased to report that our Association is strong and continues to grow. I sincerely believe that the last 3 years and our partnership with the S.C. State Firefighters Association has been very productive. As I have told many of you before, our attendance, membership and revenue continue to grow and improve. Looking forward I envision even more growth and opportunity to add value to our membership. However, in order to accomplish that as a goal, we will need even more resources in the way of support as we move forward. The best way for us to accomplish that is to continue to build on the partnership that we have started.

Two years ago at our conference, our membership voted to explore the possibility of becoming a section of the new model that the Firefighters Association has adopted. This year I will be asking several of our committees to take that concept under scrutiny and advise us as members of 1) determine the feasibility of becoming a section. 2) Determine what By-Laws changes would need to be made on our part to become a section. 3) Consider all sides of doing so. 4) Bring a recommendation to the membership at the 2017 conference.

During this time I encourage each of you to bring to me or any other Executive Committee member any questions or concerns that you have so that we can fully consider them as we move ahead.

Together we can make all our jobs, lives and departments better and I look forward to hearing from you this year!


Phill Jolley, President


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